About Rainbow Chairity

In this meaningful initiative, Rainbow Centre students and artists come together to create unique artworks on child-sized Louis chairs. An inclusive partnership from concept creation to decorating, painting and putting on the finishing touches, the students include children with autism, epilepsy, intellectual disability, visual and hearing impairment and global development delay. The final art pieces exemplify the dream of greater empowerment and inclusion for children with special needs. This creative exploration and exchange allows artist and student to take a step into each other’s world.

You are also invited on this journey to step into their amazing world and discover the children for who they are and what they can do. You can support our students by way of donations, sharing about Rainbow Centre or contact us for volunteering opportunities.

Auction Chairs

The Face & I by Noah Tan

In this artwork, Noah explores with shapes and his favourite colours. His first time using fabric paint, this piece took Noah a month to complete, working on it for many hours each day. As one of his first winning art piece, The Face has a special place in Noah’s heart.

Heart of Freedom by Danial Isaac

Danial painted this chair as a representation of his journey as well as his mother’s love and sacrifice. The orange sunset is a remembrance of Danial’s best childhood moments; of him staring into the sunset with its glowing magenta, crimson red and warm yellow. It depicts Danial’s growing years and the challenges he had to face every day.

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