Stripped Bare – Pledged by Roger&Sons Singapore

The Rainbow Centre students painted the colours on the frame. To keep their work as the highlight, the artists kept the rest of the chair simple. Using locally sourced materials within the region, they played with the seat and back instead. The rawness of Manila rope and hessian fabric represents how when everything is stripped back, we're all just human beings. Love has no labels.


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About the Artists

Artists: Roger&Sons is a Singaporean woodworking studio specialising in custom-made furniture. It was started by Morgan, Lincoln (pictured), and Ryan’s late father 28 years ago. As the next generation of carpenters, their goal is to preserve this vanishing trade. The team consists of woodworkers, furniture designers and product designers, some of whom have been with Roger from the very start. Roger&Sons is also the sponsor for all upholstery work for Rainbow Chairity.

Students: Nazihah Binte Yusuf, Pan Chang and Suhairi Ilham Bin Mazlan

Nazihah (pictured) is diagnosed with intellectual disability and epilepsy. She is easily tickled, loves the colour pink and enjoys stamping during art class.

Pan Chang is diagnosed with Dandy-Walker malformation and Global Developmental Delay. Mentally strong, she pushes herself in training to stand, walk or fine motor skills. She loves it when adults sing to her.

Suhairi is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, visual and hearing impairment. The quick-thinking 11-year-old adapts exceptionally well in problem-solving situations.